mercredi, juin 22, 2005

you'll never be good enough for my son, so hands off

I mentioned to a great friend of mine that as the mother of three boys I was bound to experience one or more of the following mother's nightmares:
a) son in a band
b) son who plays drums in a band
c) son who rides a motorbike.

My friend agreed with me, before pointing out that undoubtedly I would experience all three - and all three would be Raphael.

When I picked R up from school this morning, he was carrying a very large hand-drawn paper rabbit. I complimented him on it, but he told me he hadn't done it. 'Oh, who did do it?' I asked. 'Marie', he said. 'Good friend of yours is she?' I asked. 'No, not particularly,' he said. Just at that moment Marie walked past with her mother. 'Il est joli, ton lapin', I said to her (sucking up to her son's girlfriend already, pathetic). 'Moi, j'appelle Raphael mon petit lapin, ou des fois mon petit ours', she told me.

My little rabbit? I was a bit surprised at that. She likes you, doesn't she, Marie, I said to Raphael. 'Yup, she says I'm the cutest one in the whole class,' he said. I never knew what chuckling really was until I heard Raphael laugh. He knows.